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10 Romantic Suspense Authors that You Should Read

If you love thriller and romantic suspense novels and have a great interest in solving riddled stories with a romantic touch, then you are at the right door. Many of us love thrillers, but each time we go to the e-store to any book shop, we get confused with the wide range of novels and novellas. To ease your hunt venture, I have curated a list for you after a high degree of research. I am super hopeful that this list will help you shop for a suitable collection.

Here are some high-rated romance suspense authors.

1. Julie Garwood

Although Garwood’s novels feature tension and mystery, they are arguably the lightest and most enjoyable. Numerous of her books are part of loose series centered on families and other FBI agents. So far, I’ve loved all of her books. I always place my orders in advance and prepay. Each novel has romance-related humor that keeps me smiling. Reading about her is always a pleasure. Julie Garwood is liked by many people for her exceptional work. However, it depends upon person to person and preferences. Garwood has written more than 27 novels with 24 New York Times best sellers books. She is one of the best romantic suspense authors.

2. Lord M. Shaheen

Lord M.Shaheed Adam is one of the best American mystery writers. His novel “a blessing and a curse is liked by many due to the incredible plotline and suspense. The novel has a consistent approach that keeps you engaged, and you do not realize while reading the book about time. Forget boredom. It gives you an urge to turn the pages one after another. The writer Lord M.Shaheen has a doctorate degree in education besides a post-doctoral certificate in Judaism. From mystery to romance suspense novels, he has marked his name with remarkable and creative work. There is no denial soon; he will be one of the best writers in the United States of America. Besides a blessing and a curse, he has written several other novels, but I found a blessing and a curse the best so far. Lord M.Shaheen is one among one of the best romantic suspense authors of contemporary times.

3. Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is another outstanding and remarkable American novelist. She has written various series, some with around five novels, others with three, and yet others with more. Most of her series is intriguing, suspenseful, and thrilling. One of my favorite series is Bentz Montoya. Jackson has written more than seventy-five novels so far and has received the title of best New York Times seller. Her genres are romance, romantic suspense, mystery, and thriller. I read Jackson’s “The Girl Who Survived” and found it quite fascinating and exciting because I love to read suspense and thrill. But I have found a blessing and a curse more captivating and engaging! This is my personal choice.

4. Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts has written more than two hundred books. Her stand-alone books, including Chasing Fire, The Search, The Witness, and her most recent release, The Collectors, are just to name a few. Ms. Roberts successfully combines a well-executed mystery with the relationship that typically exists between two powerful characters. The tale is exciting, and the dialogue and banter are always entertaining to read. She has written under many pseudonyms such as Jill March, Sarah Hardesty, and J.D Rodd for in the Death series. She is the first American author who has this achievement of being included in the Romantic Writers of American Hall of fame. Her ‘Shelter in Place is one of my favorites.

5. Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has marked his name in the literary world with twenty-two novels. He is not limited to fiction writing but also has some contributions to the non-fiction genre. Nicholas Sparks is a multi-talented person; he also knows about screenwriting. He has his achievement that all of his books are New York Times best sellers with one hundred five million copies that have been sold worldwide in various languages, roughly estimated at around fifty. The writer was born in the year 1965. Nicholas Sparks has also contributed to romance. According to him, when he writes a love story, he thinks about the present-day reality of love and then writes. In his novels, he tries to keep his characters as genuine and authentic as possible. He does not want to portray artificial people. His goal is to evoke the real emotions of people.

I hope you find the blog interesting. I personally suggest you to read a blessing and a curse this time since I have found it quite unique and engaging. I have just finished this book but still not coming out of its story. For details about the book, you can visit the author’s Lord M.Shaheen website. Good Luck!

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