Poison Reality: A Blessing And A Curse

Book Description:
Poison Reality is a rollercoaster of different emotions from magic to mystery, romance to suspense. This novel will engage you in a love story of two enemies. You will be compelled to develop emotional intelligence to understand the mental problems and insecurities of each character of this story. In short, this tale is about Sandra, who fights against her true love, Zahid. This enchanting chronicle starts when Sandra’s life takes a vicious turn, but she doesn’t realize it since her lover has bewitched her. She notices that she has lost control over her actions and does whatever her partner tells her to do even when she does not want to do it. This is when she seeks the help of one of her friends, Pepe and visits a shaman who reveals to her that spirits have control over her. Sandra has a fire of revenge in her eyes and decides to kill her boyfriend and his army. She gathers the courage to make a plan against him and destroys him.