Speed Pimpin'

Book Description:
 What will you do if you had the powers of persuasion? Would you go to the bank first? How about that date with a person that you have admired for so long? This is the story of how HRH Prince Pepe’ le Mack received his powers. With his beginnings with his first remembrance in France where he was quite free in his thinking when running with different crowds to end up becoming one of the wealthiest people in his family. His powers of persuasion ended him up in situations where he wished not to use them but in order to survive in some areas, he had to.

Prior to going to the Kwah, he fell in love several times and couldn’t keep just to one woman because almost every woman that came within proximity was victim to his power. He was nowhere close to perfect but he wished he was so he wouldn’t have the problem of women. While trying to stray away from his gift, he taught it to several individuals that picked up the techniques fast and found themselves in similar situations because they applied it properly. He was committed to his wife though many women wanted him to leave her. His gift became a curse but somehow he managed. What would you have done? What happened when he got kidnapped? How did he react? Read about how his descendants become the leaders of the world’s financial market and how Lord David Cohen fights for reparations when America makes its toughest decision in Poison Reality