Your Right to Remain Silent

Book Description:
There is no other way to begin this but to say that this is a tale about American Royals. Meaning that an American of a Royal family in Europe. As you read this, you will find out that this man is one of true magnificence. However as time progresses, you will find out that he comes to quite a few bumps in the road. He meets several individuals that have a strong impact on his life/career and you will find out that he has an extraordinary gift. It’s the art of persuasion. Prince Pepe’ le Mack is his name.

His name is actually Prince Abdullah ibn Mfume Barashango. But his parents changed his name once they moved to the U.S. from France. His parents moved to France from an African country in the late 1960’s. They wanted a better life and decided to move to another country. However in France they weren’t welcome and they still had the dream of doing something really big for their family. They moved to America and had prospered very well.Pepe’ decided to go on his own and ventured off into the US Navy. While in the Navy he met another Royal from the Middle East and became the best of friends. His name was Baron Nelda Cohen Abdullah Rahman/Raheem. Read on about how they went from being your average Joes to being the wealthiest men ever.