The Mystery Writers of America

The Mystery Writers of America

The mystery is a genre that keeps you hooked throughout the novel with thrill, suspense, crime, and romance. This genre is liked and enjoyed by many. The storyline, events, and characters are entirely fictitious. This genre has a wide following, and people enjoy it the most because they want to remain engaged with the plot and keep thinking and analyzing what will happen next. It makes you a real page-turner.

While reading mystery fiction, the readers, at various moments, understand the mind of the writer; this happens when the readers are engaged deeply. Their brains start working if they themselves are detectives. Mystery fiction has some benefits for the readers, such as their cognitive and analytical skills because you are presented with riddles throughout, and you get the complete story at the very end of the novel due to the suspense and drama touch. If you are a puzzle-lover, this genre is for you.

The mystery genre also involves romantic suspense. Romantic suspense is a combination of both romance and thrill. The plotline involves suspense, thrill, drama, and murder alongside romance. However, the mystery writers resort to a balanced approach so that the one genre does not overtake or overshadow another. There are several mystery writers of America who have achieved great fandom via their writings, and many of them have also written romantic suspense books.

Here are some best mystery writers in America.

1. Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris is an American writer who has written a number of suspense novels. His master writing piece is the “Silence of the Lambs”. Thomas Harris was a journalist for Associated Press in New York City and used to cover crimes in the United States and Mexico. Later on, he started writing novels, and his first novel was published in 1975. His novel the Silence of the Lambs had broken records and received many academy awards. He received wide appreciation and fandom across the globe. The serial killer Hannibal Lecter written by him and taken forward by him is famous globally.

2. Lord M.Shaheed Adam

Lord M.Shaheed Adam is one of the best American mystery writers. His novel “Poison Reality has drawn widespread appreciation. With suspense, emotions, and drama, the novel is on the way to crossing the boundaries of success. It keeps you engaged throughout due to an enthralling storyline. The writer Lord M.Shaheen has a doctorate degree in education besides a post-doctoral certificate in Judaism. The writer knows the trait of keeping the readers hooked up through his magical play of words. From mystery to romance suspense books, he has marked his name with extraordinary work.

3. James Patterson

With his 380 Million book collection sale, James Patterson is considered one of the best writers. This is not just a thought, but he has proved it with a Guinness World Record for being a New York Times best seller several times. In addition to that, he has also penned thrill and suspense novels which have brought up broad popularity. He is known due to his incredible work.

4. Truman Capote

Truman Capote is one of the great names in English literature. A number of films, TV dramas, and screenplays have been produced after drawing inspiration from his novels. Truman Capote’s life was full of struggles and he struggled to become a writer while doing a copyboy’s job in the New Yorker. He got his first novel published in 1948, namely others voices, others rooms. His novel “In Cold Blood” gained immense popularity, but after this success, he did not write due to alcohol addiction.

5. Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy studied English at Loyola College in Baltimore. His debut book, The Hunt for Red October, fulfilled his desire to publish a book as a Maryland insurance broker with a love of naval background. He produced more than a dozen books, each with a complex plot, razor-sharp tension, and a mix of reality and authenticity. Ten of the books—including The Teeth of the Tiger (Berkley, 2004)—include the CIA agent and former stockbroker Jack Ryan as a central character.

6. James M.Cain

The son of a well-known schoolteacher and opera singer, he was born in Annapolis, Maryland, into an Irish Catholic family. His mother instilled in him a passion for music, but when she informed him his voice wasn’t good enough, it dashed his dreams of beginning a career as a singer. James Mallahan Cain was an American novelist and journalist who lived from July 1, 1892, until October 27, 1977. Despite his adamant opposition to categorization, Cain is frequently cited as a founder of the “roman noir” and the hard-boiled style of American crime fiction.

From the above-mentioned names, Lord M.Shaheen is the best contemporary writer, and leveling up the steps of fame and success with every passing day. Check out his website to get an insight into his latest novel, Poison Reality. Check out his website to see the collection.

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