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Top 10 Contemporary Romance Authors to Read in 2022

Those in love or have a desire to fall in love are fascinated by romantic reads. They enjoy the twist and turns in the love stories with some obstacles and struggles of two people to be one. Those who are into this genre know about the best and the most famous early times writers, but there are some names who are doing marvelous work in the contemporary era, which must be appreciated and applauded.

Their work has been listed among the top romantic suspense books and adult fiction. To diversify your library, I have prepared a list of contemporary romance authors that I am sure you will enjoy reading.

1. Emily Henry

People We Meet on Vacation, Beach Read, and a number of other young adult books are all written by Emily Henry, who is the #1 New York Times bestselling author. She resides in Cincinnati and the region of Kentucky directly below it, where she also writes. Henry is a young lady who has a dominant position.

2. Lord M. Shaheed Aadam

One of the best American contemporary romance authors is Lord M.Shaheed Aadam. His book “Poison Reality” has received a lot of positive reviews. With drama, emotions, and suspense, the book is poised to succeed above all expectations. A captivating tale ensures that you remain interested the entire time. In addition to a post-doctoral diploma in Judaism, author Lord M. Shaheed holds a doctorate in teaching. The author is skilled at capturing readers’ attention with his beautiful wordplay. He has left his imprint with remarkable work across a variety of genres, from romance to thriller to mysteries.

3. Ali Hazelwood

Young Ali Hazelwood writes romance novels and some academic stuff. She is fun, and her write-ups are engaging, as per reviews. The author hails from Italy but currently living in the United States, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Apart from being a writer, she is also a professor. The books that became a reason for her popularity are; the love hypothesis and love on the brain.

4. Casey McQuiston

Casey made her debut in this genre with her book “I kissed Shara Wheeler, which was released on 3rd May 2022. The author gained immense popularity from the novel “Red, White & Royal Blue”. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the U.S., but now she lives in New York City. The writer has a degree in journalism.

5. Erin Sterling

The writer Erin Sterling is based in the United States, Alabama. Her words are said to be magical and have long-lasting impacts on the readers. Her real name is Rachel Hawkins, but she prefers to use Erin Sterling as a writer, but sometimes she also uses her real name that is Rachel Hawkins. The writer has a degree in Gender and sexuality in Victorian literature. She attended Auburn University.

6. Christina Lauren

Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings have been writing together for many years under the pen name Christina Lauren. The co-author team has written 18 New York Times best-seller novels, including both Young Adult and Adult Fiction. Their work has been translated into around 30 languages.

7. Tia Williams

Tia resides in Brooklyn with her kid and husband and works as an editorial director for Estee Lauder. Beginning her career, Tia Williams worked as a beauty editor for publications like Elle, Glamour, Lucky, Teen People, and Essence. She launched the beauty blog sector in 2004 with her accolade-winning website, Shake Your Beauty, and released her first book, The Accidental Diva. She later wrote the young adult novels Sixteen Candles and It Chicks. Her 2016 best-seller The Perfect Find is currently being adapted for a Netflix movie starring Gabrielle Union.

8. Madeline Miller

Philadelphia and New York City were the places Madeline Miller was raised. She attended Brown University, where she majored in classics and received her B.A. and M.A.

Miller’s novels have been translated into more than twenty-five languages, including Dutch, Mandarin, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, and Greek. Her writings have appeared in a number of journals, including the Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Telegraph, Lapham’s Quarterly, and She currently resides outside of Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia.

9. Tillie Cole

Before embarking on her novelist journey, Tillie Cole had been procrastinating about it regardless of being so much inclined towards it. She was later challenged by her husband to just do it. She accepted it and did it exceptionally. She is a mix of English and Scottish ethnically. And now, she is a successful writer and on the right path. Her story is a motivation for lazy beings.

10. Colleen Hoover

The author has written a number of books that have brought her fame and popularity. She has many achievements on her hands. The journey for her was quite challenging, just like other writers. She worked a day in and out to deliver quality work.

From the above writers, I would personally suggest reading Lord M.Shaheed Aadam because of his unique and engaging style of writing and the storyline. Good Luck!

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